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It's Hot

So it’s hot. It’s hot in Atlanta, it’s hot in Vermont and it’s hot everywhere in between. But just how hot is it? This month, more than 3,000 daytime high temperatures and almost 2,000 nighttime lows were tied or broken across the United States in June.

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yougotnojams I switch off the lights and turn off electrical appliances when not in use.

yougotnojams I keep any plastic bags I receive during shopping and reuse it for other uses.

yougotnojams I bring my own bag when going shopping to reduce the use of plastic bags.

soccerhorse i'm giving a speech to my class about the ozone

soccerhorse trying to think more about what i can recycle

rcthomas Participating in energy reduction

Maryshfish eat less meat/be a vegetarian

Maryshfish Growing my own vegetables and composting

Maryshfish Convincing my non-believer grandmother that climate change is a thing, caused by humans

Maryshfish Walking more, rather than driving, when I can

Maryshfish Became a vegetarian!

Erinstrass Walking where I need to go instead of driving

ParaBCa Tell your parents to vote for politicians who promise an effort to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and combat global warming
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ParaBCa Campaigning against disbelieving politicians

Nur Im reducing the use of plastic bags.
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rareware64 I know that the Die Glocke has Time-travel potential; so I need help on getting it to work again. So, would you be willing to give a helping hand? Please?

ynof Convincing others to change their views

GMak I recycle every day
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Comment a tree ain the only solution while we living in a world of revalution a tree ain the only solution while we living in a world of revalution

"50$ buys you all you need to start a urban farm!"